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Belonging... and why I chose the name Grounded Astrology

Its funny as I don’t know when my journey with astrology started. I was always the girl who would buy a magazine and immediately preceded to turn to the back just to read her horoscopes. So I guess its always been engrained within me that its never been ‘a start’ to the journey more of an every growing remembrance. 

Astrology didn’t full blossom for me until about 3 years ago. I've always had this yearning to know more, to know me and why I am here - later i'd find this is the Sagittarius Stellium in my first house. I was slowly delving more into my chart. I remember having this deep connect/disconnect with my Sagittarius sun sign. I was like... Sagittarius... traveller... freedom... wants to see the world. Really? I felt anything but that. I hated flying. Hated travel. Would get homesick even if I was away for a night and felt anything but free. So I remember my friend suggesting this IG account and to get a birth chart reading. Woah. This is the moment when I got the feeling. That transformational feeling you get when you hear the information and wisdom unlocked and shared from your birth chart. There is nothing like it. It can’t even be put it into words. You have to feel it. Experience it. This sense of belonging. This sense of feeling like you have come home to yourself. I remember sitting there after a 90 minute session with someone who didn't know me. But bar gum did they know me. It all made sense. Who I was? Why? and i've learnt over the years of looking at my own chart, its the gift that keeps on giving. Its like more gifts, wisdom and knowledge are unlocked and learnt throughout the journey too. Its been a massive tool of self discovery and a gift that has and is constantly leading myself back home. 

I remember leaving that session being on cloud 9. Like I had found me. I had this dramatic sense of belonging and just felt all dreamy. Like the exhale on an out breath. I had find this magical tool and I was never going to let it go. So I proceeded to order any and all books I could find and seek out recommendations too. I soaked it all up... then without any warning. I couldn't be around anything astrology or come to that fact spirituality. This gift I had been given... became like a ball and chain around my ankle. I just couldn't do anything with it. I had all these books and all this yearning and need to find out more. Learn me. Embrace more. But every time I even went to pick up a book. I felt sick to the pit of my stomach and just had to stop. Its like I literally repelled it. I felt so lost in myself. Over the 2 years previous to this, spirituality was all that I felt was keeping me sane and that was even stripped away too. No journalling. No tarot cards. No crystals. Not even yoga. I just needed to be human. I needed to ground. Ground. Get it? Grounded Astrology. 

Now looking back at it. I needed to ground. I had just been basically handed my life’s purpose on a plate. I had been handed the many energetic blue prints that my birth chart held. I had been handed 90 minutes worth of 'meness' and it was beyond powerful. Now if you are anything like me, a highly sensitive soul, that type of energy and knowledge will need some time to integrate and that's what that time was for. Integration. At the time I felt this loss. But actually it was a time of embedding my life purpose and gifts so they could charge me up and infiltrate every cell of my being so I remembered why I am here.

So 9 months later (I am just noticing the gestational period link) I slowly was drawn back to astrology- it was waiting, lying dormant ready to be ignited and brought back to life. I slowly eased into it like gentle stretches into a body waking up from a long slumber. Over the period over the past two years, I have developed a loving, intuitive relationship with astrology. I have learnt when I need to lean into it or when I need to back away. I have also trusted its guidance deeply and trusted that I will lead me to what I need to know or do. This relationship is ever deepening, evolving and growing and I love it. I even love the times where I have to step away as I know there is a reason and it is not like it has left me, anything but, its that I need time to let it fully integrate and become me. Then I am led right back to it.

Now I am at a time, where I am learning more than I have ever learnt, doing astrology more than I have ever done and showing the world my astrological gifts more than I have even done. Its like I am finding my astro voice, style and content through opening up to the world and discovering with it and through it. 

Now its time to reveal and share my gifts (my Gemini North Node) in a solid, grounded way.  Hence Grounded Astrology. A way in which helps bring the ancient knowledge of the mystical stars down to the modern daily ways of Earth. A way which will helps you see and witness the beauty of astrology and how it can help you come home to yourself. 

As Ram Das says, "We are all just walking each other home."

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