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Journey to Belong

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"The only thing that was ever wrong with me was my belief that there was something wrong with me. I quit spending my life trying to control myself and began to trust myself."

~ Glennon Doyle

It’s funny as I don’t know when my journey with astrology started. I was always the girl who would buy a magazine and immediately precede to turn to the back just to read her horoscopes. So I guess it’s always been ingrained within me. That there has never been ‘a start’ to the journey more of an ever-growing remembrance.

Astrology didn’t fully blossom for me until about 3/4 years ago. I’ve always had this yearning to know more, to know me, where I belong and why I am here - later I’d find this to be the Sagittarius Stellium in my first house.  I was slowly delving more into my chart. I remember having this deep connect/disconnect with my Sagittarius sun sign. I was like... Sagittarius... traveller... freedom... wants to see the world. Really? I felt anything but that. I hated flying. Hated travel. Would get homesick even if I was away for a night and felt anything but free. So I remember my friend suggesting this IG account and to get a birth chart reading. Woah. This is the moment when I got "THE feeling".

My astrology journey.

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That transformational feeling you get when you hear the information and wisdom unlocked and shared from your birth chart. I belonged. Even if I couldn't voice my purpose it's like I knew what it was. The knowledge that was shared lit up the cells in my body and they remembered. I belonged. I belonged to my path. I belonged to myself. Everything made sense.


I was suddenly given this blueprint for my life. I’d always wished there was a book which detailed how to navigate life and had all the answers. And there it was... this magical birth chart. This map of me and my life. I’ve learnt over the years of looking at my own chart, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. It’s like more gifts, wisdom and knowledge are unlocked and learnt throughout the journey too. When you need to know the answers... they will be revealed. It’s been a massive tool of self-discovery and a gift that has and is constantly leading me back home.

Now after 3/4 years of learning and finding my own authentic astrology voice, its time to reveal and share my gifts (my Gemini North Node) in a solid, grounded way. Hence grounded astrology. (Maybe I'll share the reason behind my name sometime!) In a way in which helps bring the ancient knowledge of the mystical stars down to the modern daily ways of Earth.

My life.

My hurts.

My pain.

My love.

My passions.

My experiences.

Who I was.

My life.

It’s like they all magically fitted together. Like I say, it’s like I knew all this without knowing it. I couldn’t form it into words or thoughts. Just this inner knowing. Like there was more. The universe had the answers and I had just been given the key. There is nothing like it. I can’t even put it into words. This sense of feeling like you have come home to yourself. A remembrance. I remember sitting there after a 90-minute session with someone who didn’t know me. But bar gum did they know me. It all made sense.

A way which helps you see and witness the beauty of astrology and how it can help you come home to yourself... And belong.


“Astrology is like a weather report; it tells you what conditions you’re likely to face in the future. If the weatherman says it’s probably going to rain, you bring an umbrella. If you follow that advice, you won’t get wet.”

~ Lee Goldberg

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