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*Astro Insight - Yod*

27th August 2020


A Yod is similar to an aspect, which we learnt about earlier. A yod is a shape created in a chart by the angles planets make to one another. It involves 3 or more aspects together which make the shape. In this case, the shape is an isosceles triangle. There are many shapes that can be made in a birth chart and each shape represents something different. With a yod, it represents a mission that you have chosen before your incarnation into this lifetime. Also known as the finger of God, or finger of fate, it points you towards a chosen mission. They are activated at different times in your life. It is pretty rare to find a Yod in your chart.

To understand the mission you have assigned yourself, you start by looking at the apex of the triangle as the theme. The planet, house and sign will help you understand what you have been chosen to do. They say that when the yod is awakened in your life that you may have to make a quick decision or have to overcome tension in your life. The beauty of knowing if you have a yod or more than one yod and the themes associated with the yod, is that you have the information before-hand so you have all the information needed before you have to make the quick decision.

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