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* Astro insight - Trine *

24th August 2020

Trine is the last of the major aspects. A trine is another of the harmonious aspects. This is an aspect that you want to have in your birth chart or experience as a transiting aspect. Whenever you see a trine know good things are on the way. These planets will work at complete ease and will bring peace, balance and harmony. These trines are your strengths and should be used to your advantage, especially at times of need.

If you have planets in a trine they will be in the same element and this is partially why they work so well together. With these planets being in the same element, it means that they will been on the same page and work together towards the same vision amd outcome.

The planets in a trine are 120 degrees apart from one another or are 4 signs away from one another.

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